Friday, June 30, 2006

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


HIiiii Im back and semi not sick. I went to the Doctor and got some Nexium and I might have to see a gastro something or other but YAY!

I went to a music fest called INtonation this weekend and saw the Streets, Ghostface Killah, LAdy S and a bunch of other people. I actually shook my ass on stage with GK with a bunch of hootichie girls...let's just say I was very/semi wasted and call it a day..IMa gonna post a picture from the fest here..

SL news is pretty boring. Gia Dj-ed at the elbow room and we had a HUUUUUGE mudwrestling contest. I was " the CHOCOLATE THUNDER" Chad kicked everyones ass idea how and we had 1100L purse to anyone who could beat him and no one could...later on in the night I mud wrestled as Shiva (the 8 armed goddess) and my opponent was a bright shining angel..(aka Moo-Cyndane )

So i ask this question of my friends all the time..." Are you happy"....and oddly it's something people don't ask all that often. For me everyone answers almost cautiously like they should not be allowed to say " YES I AM FANNNNNTASTIC" and really mean it. When I ask the question usually it's a good way to get to know my friends better..get to know what going on in their lives..

So kids are you happy??

Thursday, June 22, 2006

sicky sickerson

Hi Kids---need less to say the title of my post says it all. I have been sickness itself with a little food poisoning. So I have no crazy fun news other than Marlena is possesed by the devil again and John Black is scary looking and jello is yummy. More when my strength returns.....

Saturday, June 17, 2006


I had the most fantastic sushi today-- fatty yellowtail--*passes out from awesomeness.

Another late night for me I stayed up all night but on the opposite side I organized my inventory fairly well. I'm starting to shoot my new line of Shapes or the adverts.

I saw NAcho Libre...mad dissapointing BUT I ate nacho's in Nacho libre..Ironic, no?

Feeling stretched a little thin in SL. Had words with a few good friends and that always makes me upset. I blame the PMS monster and lack of sleep and maybe too much game time lately. I am trying to keep my head cool in the game and the drama out.

Cursing the sky sometimes I wonder why I come back over and over again....what is it about this world that means so much to me I have spent the last year and a half playing it?

I want to ask anyone who ever reads this....what do you think your av smells like?

Friday, June 16, 2006

nachoooooooooooo libre

Im so stoked I'm on the way to Nacho Libre!!!!

Gia got the stream working but of course I can't use it because of my stupid Mac...I cant wait to her her bootiful voice on my land!!

I stayed up all night.....*sigh*

OH my relay for life team is in second but the pink pixels are gonna whomp us....PLEASE GIVE!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006


what a long day i have had...and car is out of the shop (YAY) so i can ummm put it back in the garage.

Trying to set up DJ-ing stuff with all my friends and it's like planning to launch a fucking rocket to the moon. endless and exausting. Mac is the reason though. They say they are compatible with everything but I cant run SAM which runs the stream which allows me to DJ....*takes a deep breath.

One of my SL friends threatened to commit sucide today. I have known him for over a year. SO huge a statment that is. It seeps into my brain and sets it up with a little poison. I dont know how to say how awful it is. There are not enough words. So i yelled at him and I am going to pray to my tiny god..(I am agnostic) and hope that someone somewhere is watching him.

I did great shoot with Donk and I am putting up one of the pictures. I had such a good time and he was so good about being quiet. I think he was probably in one of his thousands of IMs like me.

I miss Scarlet Singer and talking to her tonight was like talking to a mirror.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I'm so tired boo hiss.
I wanted to get more done today in world and out but I didn't. I am starting to stress ball about this race for the cure event. I just want so badly to do things well..I don't really considr myself a perfectionist but more that I am really competitive. I like to win. But now I am starting to see this odd nitpicking in my self. I forever fidget with the Shapes I make feeling like I need to be better , do better, and the best work I do is when I am inspired...maybe i just need more inspiration.

Im taking the night off and reading a book called "The Girls" about two cranial conjoined twins..."Geek Love " is one of my favorite books of all time and I find something so wonderfully soothing about "freaks" Maybe because they carry their difference so much on the outside people can't ignore them. To me the less ignored something is the less power it gets.

I like things people can't ignore.

thisa morning

So I woke with two guys in my appartment this morning...not for the reasons you thing...*laughs*..
MY air is finally being fixed so no more sweaty cranky Haver. I will now be cool calm collected Haver (yay) I am hoping to finish my second custom Shape today and have it be done with. Why people want me to make them porn stars I will never know...Where are the people who want me to make them look like Amelie or even crappy Julia Roberts?
I understand people can be anything in SL and maybe part of that wants to be a SLoot? I mean had I not done all my slutting around in RL i might be more apt to kink in SL.
I hope Scarlett is still not smoking...I am so terribly proud of her and on the day she quit I had half a ciggie and put it out because it just didn't sit well...maybe I am truly done for good as well?

god lets see h ow many typos I can do in one sentance

Its my wee doll blog for haver...!
It's 3:50am here and I just signed off and i was checking Scarlet's page and I found her blog. I like to see the person behind the doll or whatever or how ever this comes across. I have my feet crossed underneath my at my desk and every so often a little breeze from my fan runs a cold stream across my back. Needing to get back on some sort of semi sane time/sleep schedule...One can only dream.

Somehow I have found myself maxxing out IM's a few times during each sign in. That's so fucked up to me as I feel like sometimes I am just a receptacle for what people want or need to say to me. Sometimes I can be so detached I can't even imagine people still want to talk to me...

I think I hurt my friend Parenia's feelings when I asked her not to map me. I don't know how to say what i needed to nicely. But after the ex girlfriend and others I just sort of get scared when people do me...and the wierd part is how can i be scared by a game that cant hurt me ??

more to come from my ramblings...please comment on the insanity