Wednesday, January 31, 2007

**rubs tumblie**

YAaay god i feel like i have been running the work gauntlet...a lot has been on my plate in SL for the last couple weeks...all of it self induced and all really holy fucktard the minutia of it all...(sp)?....Aem and I finished the Lemon shop and I have to say its cute as hell...AND...WE HAVE THE FIRST SHAPE DEMO"s IN GAME :D...wheeeee after a tip from celeb we decided to give the shape demo a try and came up with pretty good options for them..:D...IM SO STOKEd
the store looks adorable and the shapes are all pretty succesful...the mag is chugging a long with tons of hiccups as usual...but it looks so gd good i could pee... and the sim is almost fully rented which is things are good and its time to go back to haver fun...ala 7 days of hotpants....any ideas?


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