Friday, December 29, 2006


my and my baby cousins doing our best emo faces


so many people have asked my how my holidays were in the last couple days and let me tell you seeing my family (my brothers and cousins) was brother's gf Melissa came for her first family holiday after I had gone to NEW JERSEY for her families Thanksgiving..and she got to see first hand the fun that is my step-mother Minou..yes thats her gd name..Minou-which means little cat in french I think....she is best understood as a tsunami of self's not fun to be near her or around her or interact with involves a tremendous amount of energy...which due to my SHINGLES (sighs) I am lacking....blerg I sound liek all those other self involved blogs that rattle on about the owners peg leg or negleting fathers ...

I find myself at this moment with my family gone and silence in my house in a sinkhole of loneliness

I have that icky pit in my stomach and the feeling of something not being right but not being able to figure out what it is..

**curls up in fetal ball**

Saturday, December 23, 2006


bleh-Im late for a family dinner but I wanted to throw up my new hotpants shot...PINKKKKKK.....and say I love you to all my bishes :D

Thursday, December 21, 2006

stolen from shai at 10:34 am

My Life as Smashing House Party

Opening Credits:
Go or go ahead/rufus wainwright

Waking Up:
I'm Me I'm yours/jim noir

First Day At School/Work:
who knows/marvin black--(unf so true)

Falling In Love:
into dust/mazzy star ..(sh*tballs )

Breaking Up:
gone/kanye west...(oOOOo so true)

Casmir Pulaski day/sufijan stevens..(oh dear :( )

Life’s Ok:
everything is everything/phoenix

waterfalls/tlc...(rides my hand on the wind as a drive with my window open)

baby wont you please come home/louis prima

Getting Back Together:
aint no other man/Xtina

Wedding Scene:
old whores diet/rufus wainwright...(crap crapp crappppp)

Birth of Child:
broadway/sad little stars

Final Battle:
you turn me round/aqualung

Death Scene:
Ceu Distante/babel gilberto

Funeral Song:
you dont know my name/alicia keys

End Credits:
throw me a rope/kc tunstall

i dont know what this means :O


ahhh day five of the 7 days of hotpants...enjoy...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

i know i know i know i knowwwwww

i am well aware that it has been WEEKS since my last posting..and I am sure the people who once checked this blog have long since given up...but I am feeling wordy lately and I want and try this fucker one more time :D my life is the same ish and totally different ish...i know i know use my words Haver...I have gotten a SL job for real and had a few weeks of being SUPER busy...i would log in and work work work...and thats no fun for anyone...sometimes the ebb and flow of SL social life can be sad...I miss people who arent around as much badly (AKA CHAD) and have been enjoying the new people in my life..I have met more SL people in RL and that always fun..people end up being so much more themselves and so much less at the same time...
so i got bored and decided that I needed to take more fun old pictures in SL not related to work at all...and I came up with the Seven days of hotpants....I am posting the first 4 here :DDDD

they are posted in my profile as well if you have SO Much time to spare you want to burn your retinas with a lighter