Tuesday, February 20, 2007

i am so so so fired.

I just totally fired myself like 7 times...is it possible that it has been this long between blog posts??? FIRED....so in that few weeks i have sorta rehabbed imogen..ple who started the sim with me hav left game for various reasons ( mostly relationships and babies [all good things ])...so life in SL moves on and I am stil searching for the right balance of commerce and residence in Imo...launched pwnd magazine--http://pwndzine.blogspot.com/..the mag is so fun and so fantastic to be a part of I just love it..I also launched the store :D Lemon and so far sales have been kinda egh for me and awesome for aem (my biz partner)...

austin- so i went to austin and did a MV event and hung out with a bunch of SL kids in RL..sadly i have like 4 pictures buti will have more once i pillage other peoples flikr sites :D