Friday, July 14, 2006

hasty pictures of the bar so far

Blueberry Pie

So if you can imagine my bank....thought that someone had stolen my credit card and they froze i call because I'm like wtf? The woman says to me.." well we froze it because we saw more than one charge to this place called Linden Labs" HAHAHAHHA like my credit card was saying.." you are tooooooo ollllldddd to play video games" but now the stream is not on because all my credit card stuff was frozen so FOC radio will take a day to get back into biz..

Still working on the new dirrrrrty strip club...the build is coming along great and i will have more pictures for you asap....

BUT i am still working on a far its been the happy ending and the bearded clam (aka the clam) any new intresting ideas would be fantastic.

right now in my SL i am trying to deal with professional jealousy. it is so hard not to feel like a loser or overwhelmed by the talents of people in SL.....i am in awe everyday with what people can do in this world and sometimes it's hard not to just " EHHHHHHHHHHHHH" all over the place...

how do you deal with your professional jealousy in SL?

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Once again I am hungover...this crazy clam bake at my friend Hedji's house last night...*holds my head*

So i just finished watching this amzing documentryon the punk momevent from beginning to end and it just blew my mind. I feel like it has such an energy and mindfulness behind it .... I never knew really
i just thought it was a ton of angry 17 year old guys but it seems to be so much more and so much less all at once. now i have to download some lou reed and contemplate...god i am such a dork

As far as SL goes I am having a quiet time of it lately...maybe on an SL slump...I think part of it is that maybe SL is becoming too much of "the man " in its way with this really open subscription policy...
every single person i know in SL has maybe 3-4 alts for no reason really...
and if you assume that behind each little doll is a person I just imagine all these like...nameless faceless non animated av's waiting for someone to give them life who never it possible to cheat on oneself or even ones pixel representation of oneself????

oh and fucking a ...i linked my first objects...after a year and a half of SL..*laughs harder*

imagine 3 years from now i will build a room.......wheeeeeeee

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Im really really hung over....

more to come

Monday, July 03, 2006

must*dies from cuteness

Sunday, July 02, 2006

hey kittens!!

so I am having a RL party on the 4th of i am not gonna be really present in SL or in my blog til it's over..**panic..panic...panic** Its going to be the first party I have thrown in my house and I am kinda worried.My friend Hein woke me up @ 930AM to ask me if I had a grill for burgers and such.....930am on a friends are fucking bonkers..

Anyhooo I made this dorky assed FOC thing and I am hoping that my Singer-poo will photoshop the living hell out of it and make it cool. I am kinda pleased that it was my first photoshop cut and paste...I am learning this program at a snails pace...maybe next year i will be able to put backgrounds in...*snorts*

CHad if you read this on FOCradio I will kill you....I just want to say how much my friends in SL mean to me in general...I am not one of those people who is playing in their mom's basement (not that there is anything wrong in that-well there is a little bit worng with it) I have a bright and shiny RL that is full of insanity and jot and pain and all that. But in the people I have met in SL is a sort of comfort and laughter that i haven't found in other thanks for making me laugh til i pee...