Wednesday, January 31, 2007

**rubs tumblie**

YAaay god i feel like i have been running the work gauntlet...a lot has been on my plate in SL for the last couple weeks...all of it self induced and all really holy fucktard the minutia of it all...(sp)?....Aem and I finished the Lemon shop and I have to say its cute as hell...AND...WE HAVE THE FIRST SHAPE DEMO"s IN GAME :D...wheeeee after a tip from celeb we decided to give the shape demo a try and came up with pretty good options for them..:D...IM SO STOKEd
the store looks adorable and the shapes are all pretty succesful...the mag is chugging a long with tons of hiccups as usual...but it looks so gd good i could pee... and the sim is almost fully rented which is things are good and its time to go back to haver fun...ala 7 days of hotpants....any ideas?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


it's looking like I post everytime i can't get into SL..which for some reason is right now....i keep crashing and i am in this AMAZING dune fremen outfit with the blue eyes from the spice and walking with no sense or whatever i am supposed to do..which was an excuse to not be working on the 3408095 projects I am doing now .....OK so new Imogen ad's make by shai de la crotch the ad manager of PWND magazine for this months issue..they turned out SO freaking lovely i couldn't beleive..

i have so much to leanr in photoshop still...i keep reaching to learn more but I think its time to take a class or make someone skype lesson me or something...Oh and i finished Colleens Style girl shoot and here is a sneak peek shot

Cancer said he did 500L of sales today on the sim which is a record for him...he asked what i did and i just dont know ..I suppose people are finally noticing us...but its nice to have random drop ins feels more like a living breathing thing when that happens....THANK YOU to anyone who has stopped by the sim at any given means the world to me and the people that live there...even if Cancer sets you on fire its only because he loves you...seriously...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

*grid down picture spammmmmmmmmmm

Sunday, January 14, 2007


I had my first solid food since thursday night this morning.....I started getting sick on friday night and it was like stand by me....but worser :(


i feel much better today....:)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

holy f-ing craptastic flash



I almost wept.

Friday, January 05, 2007


so my friend donk and I were sitting around this church he made in Jesse with these awesome shadows...then this happens

i left to go blog this cause i thought it was so funny and he was all.." i'm still blowing him ( the guy who nuked us) up"

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


dude hello my love.../me makes out with shoe rack

happppy nudee yearrrrrrrr

well new years was MUCH better than christmas....i had no expecations and YAAY it wwas way better than expected..
i even had a "fuck it im old" attack walking to my friends house and stopped the booze mart and picked up a MONDO expensive bottle of champagne..OH and i made all the jewlery i wore for new years that afternoon


after christmas sucked the emotional energy out of me it was awesome to have this...i have friends i love in SL and in RL and they mean the world to me...
me and my guy just hit three months and no blood has been shed so again...happy happy....half the time i dont know weather to kick or kiss him but generally his love has knocked me out :P
i haver about 1983903458 projects in SL...the biggest are opening my own store called..Lemon. (sharing it with Aemilia Case & Gia Reymont) and starting a lifestyle mag called pwnd (with Saeya Nyanda)...and keeping the sim healthy and happy and the people in it healthy and happy...

OH and i need to post day 7 of the 7 days of hotpants...any ideas on what to do with the photo series after?