Monday, September 11, 2006



so me being me... in a fit of pique a few days ago after I ran into my friend Rob i decided to pose SL naked in a bunch of photographs ....jfc. they turned out so lovely I cant even imagine it's my DIGITAL self!!! *pictures above*

Running by Torleys blog as well I fould this great place to create your own Seal so i made one for imogen...SO CUTE I WANT TO DIE INSIDE...

things are the same ish..Im trying to get some shapes packaged for CJ and Roslin and as soon as I have some pictures I will show you all...ther are looking pretty cute if i do say so myself and one of them will be MY personal shape that will be wierd to see little me's running round like crazy...god is that like totally narssistic? shit i dont think I spelled that right *sighs*

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


So i know I haven't blogged in about 98739187435 years....I KNOW..I am a terrible person....seriously. But I have so much news I don't know where to start!!!!

So i got a sim and named it Imogen after Imogen Heap in a really scary stalk-y sort of way...yaay for stalking!
It has been so much work and kinda swallowed my second life whole. I need you to understand when i say it has been SO much work i need you to know I havent actually done anything on the sim. I can't build, make textures, terra form or really anything else that requires skills. Lucky for me I have a group of amazing friends who have come in and helped me make it a (almost done) reality.

David Valentino first and formost has really put all his -totally filled with important stuff- time into the place. I have turned him into my own personal sweatshop....conversations go something like this...."So I was thinking we should start a foot cult on Imogen....Hey Honey can you make a giant prim foot temple for me...?" and like 20 min later I have a giant foot temple on the sim. He really is the heartbeat of the place and I know for sure that i couldnt have done it without I would have been sitting alone in a giant grassy sim...crying. He is my home.

I was skyping with another one of the friends that has made Imogen a great place to be last night. Fatty or Enzzo which is his given name has been a good friend of mine in SL for a little less than a year I we were talking about the idea of how to integrate the emotions I feel for people in SL and my real life. I can honestly say i have deep and abiding emotions for so many people in this game....and I have never experienced that before...when i leave SL for a while and take a step back I cant imagine my life without them...even though I know that SL is full of transitions...people leave and come back all the time...shit now Im totally off track and I need to finish the thank you's..OK FOCUS

SO Scarlet Singer and Richie Waves have also made A huge impact on the sim on and on my life....they are without a doubt the most in love couple I know in SL and the people I have the most faith in as a SLto RL couple...Singer is stupidly good at photoshop and is a real artist...but actually I feel like Richies is soon going to give her a run for her money....He did my favorite object on the sim which is the Railroad track crossing and when i took a real life train trip from Chicago to Apsen i saw so many of those and every single one made me smile...the train tunnel on the tracks is a fav place of a lot of people i know to have some Sl quiet... *cough peter cough* They were the first people to really settle down their store in Imogen and cranked out the Lush tattoo shop and then their offices like in record time. I know how busy they both are with SL work and it was really touching how quickly they embraced the sim.

The Chad and his FOC a while back we dicided as friends to get a stream so we could stream our own music...chad slowly and surely took over the airwaves playing his mix of like a thousand different styles of the sim was coming along Chad asked if he could make a FOC radio station on the bad side of town..(SOUTHSYDEEEEE) and I though the idea was I get back to the sim a few days later and there is like this GIANT pine thing hanging out on the lawn..I started dying laughing ....i mean it was like mini mansion a SL mob family could have had all their 98074598274 kids in it and had room..and when he tried to explain it all he could say was ..."i really wanted it to be like WKRP...we could all hang out and it just grew and grew....*insert cute chad face*" He has made Imogen his home and really settled in and gone all metrosexual on me..he IM-ed me a few days ago to say and i quote.."You HAVE to come see my new curtains"

Gia Rey is my largest renter and one of my closest friend..I can't say in reality how much I love her except to say to know Gia is to love her...She is there all the time and makes me laugh every second I'm with her....stupid girl cant seem to commit to putting ANYTHING on her land but I think it's because she is so excited about her sim powers she can't stop to focus..(allthough who am i to talk) I tend to rez on the sim and have Gia there doing something totally insane or being completly mute because she has passed out on her computer...She really "got" the concept of the sim and brought a joy to it that i know for sure I couldent bring in the same way she can...its just so pure and concentrated...kinda like fresh squeezed Oj..yum

Fatty who I talked about before is just a pefect example of what Imogen is all about....going back and forth from his usually topless fat rock and roll av and Biggie Smalls av just makes me smile so hard. One night when we were bored we came up with a plan for Fatty to marry Gia's alt Rawk....we set about to find the trashiest wedding stuff we could find and have a straight up Vegas/Dynasty wedding..we planned it all in about 20 mins but Rawk was there and No we waited and waited and suddenly he shows up in ...i shit you not....a GD captains outfit like the love boat...I started laughing so hard I was wheezing and making gurgling noises...we called it the Bobby/Whitney wedding and then had a naked pole dancing reception at the Clam..

Luca And my Tessers...who knew that such amazing Vamps would brighten up the whole place..Tess has talked ot me about moving her hmm oddities store on to the sim and I was stoked ..I though a comic book type store was just the right feel for the place. Then Tess moved in and like never moved out...that happens a lot in's like a black hole....and the sweetest part is that everytime I mention Tess everyone says.." Ohh i love tess " and the Luca...he made the public gardens around my office and there is this wee deck on them thats just totally perfect for a quiet moment...he has been the muscle for the sim and when the faux dutch mob tried to move in he totally cut them off and took care of buisnesss..I heart him mucho!!!

Cindy my cindy...she put her little shop Cin city on the sim and has what i think is one of best sets of slippers in game hands down..talking Cartman slipper YES PLEASE...she is my oldest friend in SL and the most fantastic sounding board known to man..and so damn smart it hurts...LOVE YOU ARGENTINA

And last but not least is Novi and Ty....they just like showed up one day and never left....They started out at the Clam and slowly but surely worked their way into everyones heart....Two totally different women...Novi is so much like me sometimes but like 500 times cooler than i ever was....she is frenetic and makes these amazing teeshirt thats she put in the Lush store..I mean she shaded in nipples...*dies twice* ...and Ty..sweet drunk Ty....anyone who has ever spent much time on Imogen has been run over by Ty's monster truck..I kinda see it as when kids kick eachother on the play I am hoping her killing me on a regular basis is a sign of love..they were the first offical residents of Imogen and brought tons of people in and made it finally feel like it was a place not just a bunch of pixels-thank you two SO much...<3

So I know there are a million more people I want to thank, Adri and Peter and Ginny and Alan and Donk and Kit and Ros and Cj and Iris and Zen and everyone else i love and who has stepped foot on the sim...god this sounds like a crazy oscar speech!!

More to come.... and PICTURES!!